Proficiency Tests

In the interest of the hobby and sport of model aircraft, it is essential that first, an adequate standard be set before a beginner is allowed to fly on his own without a qualified instructor in attendance, and secondly, that further challenges are set to challenge the model aircraft pilot to improve his flying skills.

The first set of proficiency tests introduced in the 70s was the “Propeller” series, which was replaced in 1984 by the present proficiency system, which is represented by the four qualifications of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Instructors, with a fifth, the Solo being added. 

It is therefore essential that our members improve their proficiencies to fly any model aircraft with ease and safety.  Although SOLO is the minimum requirement, we would like to encourage members to do their BRONZE as a club minimum standard.  Members who successfully complete a BRONZE proficiency or higher will be awarded with a wing insignia.

Although certain days have been reserved for proficiency training and tests, members must please arrange with the training and safety officers in advance when they want to do their tests.  Members must also print the relevant proficiency test form and complete their personal details in advance.