Agreement with Waterkloof AFB

As per the instruction from Air Traffic Navigation Services, several SAMAA-registered Clubs within the control zones of major airports are required to enter into an agreement with their local Air Traffic Services Unit (ATSU).

Irene Radio Flyers is situated within the Waterkloof CTR and therefore we were required to negotiate and sign a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with the Waterkloof Airforce Base ATC.  This LOA is an agreement for the safe use of a portion of the Waterkloof airspace by Irene Radio Flyers.

I am happy to report that the IRF committee successfully negotiated an agreement with Waterkloof Airforce Base and the agreement will be signed within the next few days.  This LOA covers the flying of model aircraft for sporting and recreational purposes only.    

The most important contents of the agreement are as follows:

1.      Flying of any model aircraft shall not exceed 400ft above ground level.

2.      ATS shall take the site as permanently active for model aircraft flying up to a mass of 25kgs.

3.      In the event of loss of control resulting in a model aircraft "flyaway" event, ATS are to be notified immediately via telephone on 012 672-3251/3060/3264.

4.      A spotter/safety officer shall always be present during any flying activity.

5.      ATC may place any restrictions to flying which they see fit.

6.      All model flying activities are to be conducted strictly in accordance with SACAA CAR Part 94.06.10 and 94.06.11 and the SAMAA Manual of Operations.

7.      For temporary increased height, applications may be made to RAASA as per FUA/CAMU processes and for NOTAM publication.

8.      All model aircraft sites/clubs will be 1NM radius centered around the stated co-ordinates (Irene Radio Flyers S25°54’34”   E028°13’13), unless otherwise specified.

9.      ATC shall be informed of all organized fly-inn events well in advance on telephone numbers 012 672-3251/3060/3264.

Further requirements are that:

1        Waterkloof ATC shall be notified whenever a radio-controlled model jet fitted with a turbine powered engine is to be flown at the club

2        pilots shall always maintain line of sight when flying

3        all flying activities shall daily be limited from 0600 in the morning until 1800 in the afternoon. I would like to inform you that Waterkloof has issued a NOTAM (Notice to airmen) today that regulates these flying hours.  (we may, however, negotiate alternative times when we want to do night-flying for example).