IRF News Letter - February 2011

FROM:  The Editor’s Desk:

Greetings dear Friends

This will be a great year for IRF with many exciting and entertaining club activities for you our most valued members. We have heard your wishes and are committed to making our club a week-end destination of choice, where a bunch of great friends may unwind and enjoy our favourite sport. It is our intention to keep you, our membership, abreast of club matters, forthcoming events etc... In the form of a news letter every second month. This will be posted on the Web site as well as mailed to our active membership.


Chairman’s Desk/Van die Voorsitter:

Welkom terug aan al die manne, al vlieg ons deesdae tussen al die reenbuie deur!  Dit is verblydend om te sien hoe die gees by die klub verbeter het die afgelope paar maande, en met jul ondersteuning gaan ons daarop voortbou om Irene weer die klub in Pretoria te maak!  Ook baie dankie aan al die ouens wat hul lidmaatskap hernu het, en veral baie dankie aan al die ou lede wat weer aangesluit het – dit weerspiel die vriendelike en positiewe gees wat weer by die klub heers.  Baie welkom aan ons nuwe lede, julle gaan vind dat die “ou”manne julle baie vinnig sal laat tuis voel. 

Baie dankie aan die klub lede vir hul vertroue in en ondersteuning van die nuwe komitee.  Soos julle reeds gesien het is dinge besig om te gebeur by IRV – ons doelwit is n klub met goeie fasiliteite en waar almal gesellig saam kan vlieg en kuier!  Die verhoogde ledetal gaan dit vir ons moontlik maak om ons fasiliteite verder te verbeter en op te gradeer, en alhoewel ons nou die beste aanloopbane in die omgewing het, benodig ons fondse om die klubhuis (veral toilette) te herstel en af te skerm.   Ons beoog ook ‘n nuwe helipad suid van die klubhuis (ons het reeds die sand en teer beskikbaar). 

We are already planning a few social events, and are waiting for further proposals from members in this regard.  As indicated on the SAMAA Calendar we have a “Warbird and All (that flies!)” day planned for 16 April – the idea is to have a fun day for our members and give the public some insight into our hobby.  We will also be attending some fly-in at other clubs, as well as the Oudtshoorn Scale event in September/October.  It would be nice to have an IRF golf shirt to wear at these events, and hopefully somebody will take the initiative and organise something for us!  

Our safety is important to all of us, and although the criminals that have been active in the Irene area have been apprehended, members are urged not to fly on their own.  A prop can leave a nasty cut, and without assistance you may be in trouble, which is why the membership cards now have an “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) number.  The membership cards are currently being printed, so please send us a mug shot if you have not already sent it, or would like a better pic of yourself on your card.

As far as finances are concerned, please note that membership fees were due by the 31st of January 2011, after which a joining fee is payable again.  It has been brought to our attention that the banking details were not available on the club website (, which made it difficult for members to meet the deadline.  Payments should thus be made within the next 10 days, after which the joining fee will be payable.                    

The Committee has also made a commitment to improve communications, so please keep us updated of any change in your contact details.  We will also be implementing a SMS system to keep in touch with our members, as quite a large number of e-mails are bounced back as spam.  Please forward your 

Please enjoy our club newsletter – feedback, contributions and pictures (to Francois) will be welcome, and Gert will appreciate your inputs for the club website!


Safety Officer’s brief:

Our aim is to minimise policing the place whilst we are there to enjoy the day and our fellow enthusiasts in the hobby. It is in this light that we respectfully request members to only start aircraft engines in the pits area and not on the grass in front of the club house. This is an accident waiting to happen, especially when children are there. On the same note, children are always welcome at the club. A lot of them will probably become future members and pilots themselves. It is unsafe for small toddlers to walk around in the pits area which in turn is reserved only for pilots and student pilots. We ask that all members play a part in ensuring that these two rules are adopted and observed. The committee would prefer to continuously strive to improve the club experience rather to have to monitor, police rules intended anyway to protect people and make the place as safe as possible.


We take this opportunity to remind everyone to observe all club’s ground and flying safety rules. Amongst others; frequency board, pre-flight checks, no-fly zones etc...  Above all let us continue to be respectful and considerate for each other.


Facilities and Security

Despite the adverse weather in December 2010 and January 2011, we enjoyed a fantastic turnout at the field. The usual Saturday afternoon crowd has not let the side down and the number of pilots flying on Saturdays from 13h30 till late is on the increase. Lots of fun, training opportunities etc... Including on the spur of the moment bring and braais. Sundays have also been quite popular but on average between 14h30 to 17h30. This has assisted significantly from a security point of view. We remind our members to always remain vigilant and never to fly alone at the club. SMS works and I personally found it quite easy to round up a few friends to enjoy an afternoon’s flying. As you will note, the mielies are now growing and this is what in the past has provided cover for the criminal elements to approach the club without early detection. Two to three cars and activity will usually deter the schellums.


It is our intention, as soon as finances permit, to erect a brick screen in front of the ablution facilities. We request that if any members have contacts in the building industry, that they let us know in order that we may obtain a few quotes. Replacing the doors every month or so, you will agree, is not the way to go. Our regular shoppers may find it difficult to carry a solid brick wall!!!


We are pleased to inform our members that the club once again owns a .40 size trainer. This trainer will be available for intro flights for potential new members by the end of February 2011. The committee wishes to thank the co-sponsorship “anonymous” and The High Flyers shop for this donation


Finally, we request members not to operate or refuel glow aircrafts on the front porch or inside the building. Fuel leaks need cleaning and strong abrasives to get the tiles clean. This impacts on the cash flow and / or leaves dirty facilities. We fully understand that in rainy weather, we need to shelter our treasured machines. Please always have a plastic bag / car matt / piece of cardboard to place under the models. This will assist greatly in keeping the place clean and reduce cleaning expenses. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Treasury and Finance Update:

Feedback in this news edition will be short and sweet on the finance front. Suffice to say that right now, the available financial resources are below needs. This situation will of course improve considerably once 2011 subs due by the membership are received. We therefore take this opportunity to remind you to (a) Please renew your membership and (b) please deposit the funds to the following IRF bank account at your most urgent convenience:


Irene Radio Vlieeniers

Account Number: 231 914 666 3

ABSA Lyttleton

Internet banking code 632 005

Savings Account

Fees are as follows:

  • Senior members                              R850.00
  • Junior members                               R425.00
  • Joining fee                                       R500.00 (Once off for new members)


We will be better positioned to give you detailed feedback in the next news letter, due March / April 2011.


Web news

Watch this space. We have given the go ahead to our Web Guru, Gert Prinsloo, to implement some enhancements to the facility with the aim to improve communication to our members. All news will in future be posted on the site. Gert will provide more detailed feedback for the next newsletter.


Training and Instruction (incl. Proficiencies)

Good News! We now have a complete, revamped training and proficiency program. We intend holding a proficiency day once every quarter, the first proposed date being 19 March 2011, subject to confirmation. We will also very shortly have the facilities to do proficiency assessments for Gold and Instructor ratings (SAMAA nogal!). We invite you to visit the SAMAA website and access the training program where you will be able to see what you need to master in order to receive the higher competency ratings. There is lots of time to practice. For those who are interested to do the Gold and Instructor ratings where the judging is quite strict, please let me (Francois De Ravel) have your details ASAP. We would like to organise a get together between the judges and pilots for a full brief of what will be expected on the day approximately a month before the assessment date.


Student Pilots and Solo tests: Every new student pilot will be issued with a training and progress report sheet. Once deemed ready to take the Solo test, the club instructor will sign off the training sheet and the student pilot will be able to take their solo test also on the proficiency assessment days.


We will ensure that the general flying is not affected too badly on these proficiency days by staggering the assessment test over the day. For example, we will allocate a no fly time between 10h00 and 11h00 for Gold and Instructor tests. Then again from 13h00 to 14h00 for Silver and Bronze and finally from say 15h30 to 16h00 for Solo tests. We will need to be flexible and possibly do Solo tests on normal flying days outside of the proficiency days, depending on demand for the other ratings. We will feel our way around but always aim not to spoil the fun for others who wish to enjoy a day at the field.


The Official club instructors are:


  • Andre Beukes (Judge currently Helicopters pending SAMAA fixed wind Judge approval)
  • Frik De Beer (Pending approval from SAMAA – Judge Fixed wing)
  • Theo Boezart
  • John Brink

Club Instructors: (Gold and Silver Ratings)

  • Jan Backer (advanced training Students only)
  • Leon Cilliers (Helicopters)
  • Andre Kilian
  • Dawid Nel
  • Francois De Ravel (Also responsible for club instructor and training portfolios)


Forthcoming Events:

We encourage all to participate and enjoy the Club’s, as well as other club invite Fly –INS

  • IRF Proficiency assessment day 19 March 2011 – Club, Senior instructors and SAMAA Judges will be available on the day for proficiency assessment for Silver, Gold and Instructor ratings. Please refer to training and proficiency section for more info.
  • Barnstormers War Bird day 27 March 2011 – Barnstormers airfield
  • IRF War Bird and open day 16 April 2011 – Bring and Braai



Please ensure that your SAMAA membership is always current.

We appeal to our members to support the SAMAA development program for the underprivileged by way of donating your surplus / unwanted RC equipment to SAMAA. If you have anything you are willing to part with, please hand same to our chairman or any of the committee members and we will ensure it gets to SAMAA.


IRF wishes to thank the following people / businesses for their generous donations and continued support to the club.



 New Web Site under construction please call (012) 667-5757 for enquiries. We are located at the Dooringkloof shopping centre, off Botha Avenue.



This is your newsletter. We would be grateful for any articles of interest you would like to include in future editions. If you are building a kit and would like to offer us kit reviews with a couple of pics, please let us have this material. Tips, jokes (clean) etc... welcome. You may forward these to the editor: Francois De Ravel at

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the future March / April issue


Best Regards and happy flying

The Committee

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