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Tamatieberg 28 - 30 October 2016

It is still a few months away, but already time to start getting ready for our trip to “Tamatieberg”. You should start thinking about; what to fly, what to build, and believe me the time will fly past. Before you realize, there are only two weeks left and no more time to get ready.

For now this is only a reminder to start preparing and keep date for our weekend at “Tamatieberg” Volksrust 28 to 30 October, 2016.

Reservations will be taken at a later stage for accommodation and meals, there are limited availability but we hope to fill it up this year.

Please note “Tamatieberg” is a registered SAMAA site and operates under their rules, please practice responsible alcohol usage. Of course after the day’s flying, let’s enjoy something together.

So what do we do there? A fun weekend spent with fellow members where we use the wind and lift to spend hours flying with delta wings, gliders or other non-motorized planes. But good idea to also bring something with a motor when the wind does not play along.

We will try gather some prizes and one of them will be for best looking or most interesting plane, so think about it.

If you want to find out how the story actually works, speak to these veterans who are regular visitors and can be seen at club regularly.

Martin or Rassie Venter, Robbie Wilson, Petrie du Preez, Andre Beukes, Kleintjie de Klerk Francois de Ravel, Johnny Foonk and myself.

Take a look at the following: